Development and integration

Development and integration with the local area

Three-fold advantages: industry, agriculture and the local area

The Matrìca "Polo Verde" (Green Hub) contributes to the development and integration of agriculture, the local area and industry, affording tremendous advantages on all fronts.

The Matrìca facilities are located in Porto Torres, in a rural area with numerous outlying plots that are suitable for the sustainable production of biomass from low-input, multi-year crops.

Advantages for agriculture and the local area

The cultivation of thistle is leading to the full economic exploitation of fallow or outlying plots, the total extent of which in Sardinia increased by around 200,000 hectares in the period 1982-2010, according to an agricultural survey published by ISTAT.

Thistle- a plant on which bees are particularly keen - also represents an opportunity for the honey production industry. For this reason, numerous beehives have been installed on Matrìca's thistle plantations.

Industrial advantages

Thistle meets the industrial requirement - estimated at between 20,000 and 30,000 hectares on the basis of the yield - since both the biomass and the oil extracted from the seeds contained in the flower head are utilised.

The flower head is similar to that of sunflowers, and since it is highly oleic, it is suitable for industrial use.

The remainder of the plant constitutes the biomass, which contains cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, which can be used to generate energy.

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