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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Policy on Health & Safety and the Environment (IT)

In the context of its own operations, Matrýca pursues the primary objective of ensuring its continuous improvement in matters affecting the health and safety of its employees, the wider population, its contractors and its clients, as well as the safeguarding of the environment, the protection of public safety, and the achievement of sustainability, operating with reference to its Code of Ethics.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Policy on Quality, Health & Safety and Sustainability (IT)

Matrýca is strongly committed to the production of a range of products that enable the implementation of a new model of Sustainable Development geared towards innovation and towards making the most of local biodiversity.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF file Codice Etico Matrýca (IT)

Codice etico per i dipendenti di Matrýca e per tutti coloro che operano per il conseguimento degli obiettivi di Matrýca. Principi generali, canoni di comportamento e rapporti con gli Stakeholder, strumenti e ambiti di applicazione, strutture di riferimento.

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